General Contractor

As a general contractor, Thomas Quality Construction oversees and manages all operations of a construction site.As a general contractor, Thomas Quality Construction is responsible for the daily oversight of all operations of a construction site, including the management of vendors and the communication of all information.  The general contractor, who is typically a construction manager, is in charge of the overall coordination of the construction project.

A general contractor can oversee a variety of different construction projects, including but not limited to new home construction, home remodeling, home additions, new business construction and business remodeling.

Some of the responsibilities of a general contractor are:

In addition to coordinating the entire construction project, the general contractor has a few additional responsibilities to ensure that the construction project runs as smoothly as possible.  When you hire a general contractor, the contractor will assess the project-specific documents, including the bid and proposal.  The general contractor will also do a site visit to better understand the plans of the project.  The general contractor will then submit a price proposal that includes the cost of the project, overhead, materials, equipment and labor.

After all parties accept the pricing proposal, the general contractor is responsible for all of the following tasks:

  • Delivering all contract documents, including the drawings, the project manual, and any modifications or addendums to the price proposal
  • Providing all material labor, equipment and services required for the construction of the project
  • Completing all site surveying and engineering to begin construction
  • Applying for all required building permits
  • Advising you with any questions or assistance related to the project
  • Hooking up any needed temporary utilities at the construction site
  • Managing all personnel on the project site
  • Hiring subcontractors or specialists to complete any portions of the construction project, as necessary
  • Monitoring cash flow and scheduling
  • Removing all construction waste upon completion of the project

Why should I hire a general contractor?

As a general contractor, Thomas Quality Construction oversees and manages all operations of a construction site.It is a common mistake to think you can save money by not hiring a general contractor and doing everything yourself.  Most construction projects can take many weeks or months and can require a variety of professionals to properly complete the project.  Trying to coordinate schedules, to manage construction costs and to find reputable construction professionals can be difficult, confusing and expensive.  Luckily, a general contractor has experience managing all aspects of a construction project, so you do not have to worry about any of the big or small project details.


How can Thomas Quality Construction help?

At Thomas Quality Construction, we focus on providing general contracting in Central Kentucky for all residential or commercial construction needs.   Since 2001, we have worked as general contractors with honesty and integrity to manage large and small construction projects throughout the Central Kentucky area. We have a strong background in roofing, building new construction, remodeling, home additions, insurance restoration and commercial properties for investors, local builders and developers.  You can rest easy knowing that our experienced general contractors are handling your construction project.  Contact us today to see how we can take your ideas from the drawing board to a completed project!

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