Storm Damage Lexington


After a bad storm has settled, you may need some assistance to get your house back to normal. When it comes to storm damage in Lexington, Thomas Quality Construction stands ready to go to work for you. Regardless of how severe, roof damage should always be dealt with immediately. A quick, professional inspection can let you know what type of damage you are dealing with. Thomas Quality Construction will efficiently assess the storm damage to your roof and let you know how to proceed in having damaged areas repaired before small problems turn into big ones.When it comes to storm damage in the Lexington area, Thomas Quality Construction stands ready to go to work for you.

Storms often bring heavy rain with them. If your roof is properly installed, most of the time it will protect your home from damage. However, there are times when storms can cause significant damage to your roof but may not be immediately noticeable. Thomas Quality Construction is a reliable company that can help you assess the damage properly.

High winds can also be a huge culprit to any roofing system. Most wind damage on roofs starts on the edge of the roof. Over time, strong winds will cause any loose material around the perimeter of the roof to be lifted. This causes a chain affect that will cause the shingles to blow away. The edges are also more susceptible to damage caused by flying debris. Over time, as the wind lifts the materials and the insulation factor is gone, water can very easily travel below the roof surface and into your home causing damage to the interior of the home.

If the storms in the greater Lexington area have done a number on your home’s roof, Thomas Quality Construction can help you repair your roof to tip top shape. We have the best in-house employee roofers in the area and we’ll handle your storm damage with the diligence and care you deserve. Our team will provide you with prompt and seamless storm damage repair.

Thomas Quality Construction offers free roof evaluations to determine if storm damage in Lexington has occurred. You can expect an honest evaluation and a detailed proposal. Remember workmanship warranties are only as good as the company standing behind them and they are reliant on the likelihood the company will remain in business to honor them. Locally owned, Thomas Quality Construction has 20+ years of experience and solid performance when it comes to storm damage repairs.

Thomas Quality Construction will work with your insurance company to ensure that your home is restored to original condition all with the minimum amount of paperwork headaches for you. Insurance companies typically require a professional estimate for what the storm damage will take to repair. We will gladly provide you with a professional estimate for the work to be completed. We will work directly with your insurance company to make the process easy and seamless for you. From the initial inspection to project completion, our full-service approach at Thomas Quality Construction will get your home back in order quickly. We specialize in the restoration of property that has suffered storm damage from Mother Nature. We do storm damage repair fast and we do it right the first time. Our work will ensure that your home’s roof functions well for a long time and is fixed at an affordable price.

When it comes to storm damage in Lexington, there’s nobody in the area to fix your roof better than Thomas Quality Construction.

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