Roof Repair Lexington


If you are searching for roof repair in Lexington, then look no further than Thomas Quality Construction. If you suspect any issues with your roof, contact us and we’ll send one of our certified roof specialists to your home to perform a free complete roof inspection.

Here are signs that you need roof repair:

  • Interior failure | If you see paint chipping or water stains on the ceiling of your home or any discoloration, these are signs of roof failure.
  • Leaking | If you see water coming from the attic or find water stains from a potential leak, your home needs a roof repair.
  • Moss/Mildew/Mold | Finding mold on the drywall or in your attic are signs of growth from moisture. You will need repairs even if only a few shingles are actually affected.
  • Roof age | Most asphalt shingle roofs depending on the products installed initially can last 20-30 years if maintained properly. Repairs may be needed as early as 15 years of age depending on the environment. A replacement might be recommended when it’s approaching the 20-year mark depending on the full inspection performed.
  • Blown off roofing shingles | If you notice shingles in the yard, missing on your roof or sliding down the roof you could have wind damage or Hail damage. If you notice any of these issues in any way, you should have any missing or damaged shingles replaced immediately.
  • Multiple roofing layers | Repairing your roof can provide a temporary fix. However, if you have multiple layers of roofing on your home the life expectancy is cut drastically due to the shingles not preforming properly.
  • Recommendation | Contact us immediately for a free roof inspection so we can repair the roof or replace the roof.


When repairing roofs throughout the greater Lexington area, Thomas Quality Construction uses superior roofing practices that result in a high-quality repair or replacement. Our roofers can handle a wide variety of roofing systems and materials. Thomas Quality Construction is known as an honest, reliable and high-quality roofing company.If you are searching for roof repair in the greater Lexington area, look no further than Thomas Quality Construction.

Roof repair in Lexington means Thomas Quality Construction. We have a team capable of repairing some of the most difficult to find roof leaks. Our quick response time, professionalism, standard warranties and fair pricing give you the peace of mind that you have chosen the right company for your job. From minor missing shingles to re-flashing entire chimneys and walls or even a full roof replacement, no job is too small or too large for Thomas Quality Construction.

The sources of leaks are often built into the original construction of the roof, which means they are buried under the roofing material and are not necessarily obvious. Our roof repair experts trace the leak to its sources in a logical and cost-effective manner. We can repair roofs and fix any roof leaks on most roof types.

Nothing is worse than having your leaky or damaged roof repaired, only to find that the problem still persists when the repair is finished. That’s why it is vitally important that you have the most experienced roofers working for you when you’re having your roof repaired in Lexington. Thomas Quality Construction takes great pride on being the unrivaled experts at repairing roofs in the greater Lexington area.

When you call Thomas Quality Construction for residential or commercial roof repair in the Lexington area, we will thoroughly inspect your roof and report our findings straight to you. If you want us to get to work, we will mobilize a team of experts who will treat your roof as if it is their own.

When it comes to roof repair in Lexington, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another company that has the same level of dedication to exceptional craftsmanship than Thomas Quality Construction does.

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