Roof Repairs

Roof Leak Repair

When it comes to roof leak repairs, Thomas Quality Construction performs the highest standards of roof repair work with a solid reputation of reliability.  We offer superior quality materials and expert workmanship to ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers throughout Central Kentucky.

Thomas Quality Construction has found that the most common location for roof leaks is at roof transition points, such as dormers, chimneys, valleys, pipe penetration and roof vents.  In many cases, replacing or reinstalling the flashing will fix the leak.

Concerned about an unexplained stain on your ceiling?  Worried that those missing shingles on your roof might be causing damage to your home?  Call the professionals at Thomas Quality Construction for a free roof inspection and estimate for any repairs that might be needed.  Diagnosing and repairing all types of roof leaks in a timely and efficient manner is what we do best.  Whether it be reflashing your chimney, replacing a leaky pipe boot or replacing damaged roofing, Thomas Quality Construction has the skills needed to quickly and completely solve your problem.  Often, the problem is not difficult or costly to repair, as long as it is dealt with quickly.  Ignoring your roofing problems is almost certain to lead to higher repair costs, unnecessary worry on your part and additional damages to your home.

Thomas Quality Construction performs the highest standards of roof leak repair with a solid reputation of reliability.The roof leaks are often caused by:

  • A failure due to poor installation
  • Poor or worn flashing materials
  • Missing shingles
  • Damaged flashing
  • Storm damage or debris
  • The age of the roof
  • Improper installation
  • Accumulation of debris and foliage
  • The pitch or slope of the roof


Tree damage, water leaks, roof falling apart?  Your home is your biggest investment and taking care of your roof ensures that your home stays in sound condition.  Thomas Quality Construction performs all types of roof repairs:

  • Chimneys
  • Flashing
  • Pipe boots
  • Leaky valleys
  • Leaky skylights
  • Leaky nail holes
  • Leaky walls
  • Missing shingles
  • Flat roof repairs


Storm damage affects more than the roof.  It affects the attic as well.  Late discovery of roof leaks typically can lead to more costly repair.  The good news is that roof leaks and roof problems can sometimes be spotted before expensive repairs are incurred.

If you see any signs of a roof leak, it is best to act immediately.  Repairs will be easier and cheaper to make if you catch the problem early.  So, never ignore a roof leak, no matter how small it may be.  In some cases, by the time the signs of a leak become visible, the bulk of the damage may already have been done.  The sooner you act, the sooner the problem can be addressed.  Preventative maintenance can help you keep away leaks so the problem never even reaches the stage of being able to visibly see water damage.

Unnoticed or uncorrected roof leak can also lead to mold. Here’s how mold conditions from roof leaks happens.  The rafters and beams in attics act as a berm that channels water to wall cavities, then damage can be noticed.  Mold can be difficult to spot because it tends to grow in scarcely lit places where stagnation and warmth persists.  It can cause allergies or illnesses in even the healthiest of people. 

These tips will help you catch roofing issues early so that you can get the repairs you need:

  • Keep any eye on your roof.
  • Schedule regular roofing inspections.
  • Don’t procrastinate when you need repairs.
  • If high speed winds or a hail storm occurs, please call us immediately for your free inspection.


Roof Vent Repair

Thomas Quality Construction has skilled specialists who are dedicated to servicing all your roofing and roof vent needs.Thomas Quality Construction asks: Have you noticed a water stain on your ceiling?  One of the most common roof repair situations we see are leaks around vent pipes.  Roof vents are the pipes that protrude out and let the gases in your kitchen and bathroom escape.  Although roof vents are necessary and create a balance between air exhaust and intake, the water tight seals around roof vents can get damaged over time by excessive heat, cold or wind.  When this happens, vents can spring leaks.  The leaking may first be seen in the attic, but if you don’t catch it right away you may see water coming into the house, dripping on the floor. If left unchecked, the water that sweeps in can eventually cause mold and structural damage to your home.  The change of seasons can be nice but not so much for your roof vent pipes’ water-repelling ability.  The heat of the summer and the cold of the winter can take their toll on your roof vent pipes’ flashing to retain the ability to reflect water from your home.

Attic ventilation is also an important part of roofing.  Proper attic ventilation extends the life of a roof and reduces problems because it minimizes the temperature differential between the attic and the air outside.  Proper ventilation will remove moisture and heat from the attic.  Trapped heat and moisture can raise energy costs and damage roof system components as well as structural and personal items located in the attic.  Without proper attic ventilation, numerous problems with temperature and moisture can arise and the lifetime of your roof may be significantly shortened.  One of these problems is ice dams, when ice builds up in your eaves and gutters, which can buckle or fall off under the weight, causing serious and expensive damage to your home.

Although caulking around roof vents can fix the problem for a while, it’s not a permanent solution.  Moreover, this can cause more problems since it may mask the damage that’s already been done to your home by the leak.  Call Thomas Quality Construction and have our roof specialists examine the roof to determine the best solution.  Generally speaking, if your roof vents are damaged, it’s a good idea to replace them with new ones.

Here are four common problems that can cause water to leak around roof vent pipes:

  1. If the rubber boot is cracked, rotted away or torn.  When this happens, the water can sweep into the house along the pipe.
  2. Rusty and cracked collars around the vent pipe can allow rainwater to pool and eventually drip into your home.
  3. When metal bases have broken seams, water can seep in.
  4. When nails loosen, they can expose a hole in the roof that lets water through.


For problems like these, you need Thomas Quality Construction.  Here’s what you can expect in terms of roof vent repairs:

  • A thorough inspection of your vent pipes to evaluate the extent of the damage.
  • Removal of shingles above and around the roof vent pipe followed by the removal of the old flashing base.
  • Pipe collar and underlying flashing replacement.
  • Replacement of surrounding shingles.


At Thomas Quality Construction, we’re proud to have skilled home specialists who are dedicated to servicing all your roofing needs.  Locally owned and operated, Thomas Quality Construction has years of experience in inspecting, repairing and replacing roofs.  If you’re in need of roof vent repair, your number one choice should be Thomas Quality Construction.

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